Muse Collection

Motherland Collection

Inheritance Necklace - NUJUAL, Inc.

Signature Collection

Jewelry Made To Represent, Empower and Honour The Black Community.


All NUJUAL pieces are designed to be unique, from the overall look to the subtle details. We wanted the chain tags to add meaning to our pieces! The Muse Collection Necklaces come with our designer Afro Pick chain tag. The Signature Collection Necklaces and Bracelets come with our signature Africa chain tag.


The Signature Collection

Classic chains you love with our signature Africa chain tag!

Is NUJUAL Black-Owned?

We are a Black-owned and operated business with a mission to advance the Black community by creating sentimental and conversational pieces that can be passed down along with the many stories of our history and heritage. All pieces are created by people of colour exclusively for NUJUAL.