NUJUAL jewelry is made of 18K Gold PVD, which is a coating of Gold PVD over a selection of base metal Alloys.

The base metals we use at NUJUAL are Stainless Steel and Brass, chosen depending on the component or design.

All chains, jewelry components and simple designs are made with a Stainless Steel base.
All detailed designs (what NUJUAL is known for) are made with a Brass Base to ensure we get all the tiny details that steel just can’t deliver (it’s a thickness thing).

We know the reputation Brass has, but wait! We made sure any Brass base components have a long-lasting layer of hypoallergenic Palladium covering the Brass to prevent common allergies and skin reactions. This is exactly what sets our JUALS apart from your typical Gold Plated jewelry.

The Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) top layer is a coating that bonds to the base metal at a molecular level so it is wear, oxidisation, sweat and water resistant, unlike regular Gold Plating. While any coating is subject to wear over time, PVD coated jewelry can remain intact for more than 5 years with proper care. Emphasis on the "proper care"! How you treat your jewelry will define how long it lasts.

Please see the individual product pages for specific details about the metal and care.

Solid Gold versions of your favourite pieces are now available! Please click HERE to browse.

Plated jewelry, no matter how thick the plating or method (like PVD), can fade over time. If properly taken care of, the plating can last you a long time! Tarnishing only happens when Brass is exposed and reacts with moisture or direct sunlight. For our Brass base components - there is a layer of Palladium over the Brass to help protect your skin. Please visit our Jewelry Care instructions for detailed information.

Solid Gold versions of your favourite pieces are now available! Click HERE to browse. If you wish to add any personalizations to the chain or pendant, please email us at

Please visit our Jewelry Care instructions.

We suggest storing your jewelry in the pouch provided.

If not, always keep your JUALS away from moisture and out of direct sunlight.

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All orders begin processing within 24-72 business hours. Please note, if you place your order on a Friday it may not begin processing until Monday. Any temporary changes (holidays, etc.) to these terms will be listed on each individual product page.

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We currently only ship to Canada and the United States. We will begin shipping internationally in 2024. Stay tuned by following @nujual or signing up to our email/text lists.

You are responsible for entering the correct shipping information. If you have entered the wrong address please contact us at If your order has been processed we cannot change the address. We are not responsible for any incorrectly inputted information.

Please know that it is your responsibility to track your order. It is also your responsibility to collect your order in time before it is returned to sender. We do NOT process refunds if your order is returned to sender. However, we will happily re-send the package at an additional shipping rate charged to you.

We apologize! If you have received the wrong items please contact us at with an image of your entire order. Further instructions will then be provided via email.


NUJUAL makes great efforts to be as eco-friendly as possible in all areas of operation.
- Paper mailers and kraft boxes are 100% recyclable.
- The jewelry pouch is durable and reusable for storing jewelry or even earphones, pocket change, etc.
- While they do seem recyclable, our insert cards and booklets must be placed in the trash if you decide to dispose of them. However, they are designed to be kept along with your jewelry and pouch.

At this time we do not offer wholesale for any items. NUJUAL jewelry is only available at and partnered events/markets.