The JUAL Journal

February 1, 2024

Material Upgrade

From the very beginning we have been tinkering on how to make the best, long-lasting jewelry that's true to the art but also easier on the wallet in comparison to Solid Gold.

While we were more than happy with the way our Muses were initially - a Brass base for detail, a layer of Rhodium for protection and a 18K Gold finish - we always believed there was room for improvement. So we continued our search.

After many samples we finally found a combination that achieved exactly what we were looking for. The Muse Collection and all future designer collections are made of 18K Gold PVD.

April 2023

The Signature Collection 2.0

In response to the invaluable feedback from our community, we have decided to upgrade the material of our Signature Collection.

While 18K Gold Plated Brass had its merits, we believe the advantages of stainless steel jewelry far outweigh them. Stainless steel proves to be durable, hypoallergenic, sweat-resistant, anti-tarnish, and long-lasting.

Our Signature Collection comprises everyday classics that we all love so choosing a metal that can withstand daily wear was important to us.

February 14, 2022

The Signature Collection 1.0

To continue the growth of NUJUAL we wanted to launch a line of classics. Opposite to our designer line which includes uniquely artistic pieces, our signature line includes everyday essentials that you can layer with or without our designer collections. Our first drop includes 4 different chain styles that come as necklaces and bracelets/anklets, each including our special Africa chain tag.

The 4 chain styles are:
1. Culture (Cuban/Curb) Chain
2. Inheritance (Rope) Chain
3. Legacy (Figaro) Chain
4. Origin (Snake) Chain

November 21, 2021

The Muse Collection

To commemorate the launch of N U J U A L we wanted to start with a collection that represented the brand as a whole. We felt it best to start with The Muse Collection because of what it stands for at its core; Representation.

We grew up witnessing powerful women conquer the world with grace, beauty, and passion. Qualities we aspire to obtain as we go on this journey.

We knew The Muse Collection would be a great way to honour the women in our lives, all with the hopes of possessing the amazing qualities we admire in them. And like these women, Zoia, Femi, Deja, Ebie, Ire and Jada are our inspiration to keep pushing forward.

What is their purpose? That is your choice. The muses are meant to represent you or anything you feel connected to. Whether you wear them to feel more confident; to honour a loved one, an ancestor; or to make a statement — they are yours.