Our designer collections feature 18K Gold PVD over various base metal Alloys. (See illustration below)

The Physical Vapor Deposition “PVD” top layer is a coating that bonds to the base metals at a molecular level so it is wear, oxidisation, sweat and water resistant.

The base metals we use at NUJUAL are either Stainless Steel or Brass, depending on the component or design. All chains, jewelry components and simple designs are made with a Stainless Steel base. All detailed designs are made with a Brass Base to ensure we get all the tiny details that steel just can’t deliver — it’s a thickness thing.

We know the reputation Brass has, but hear us out! Any jewelry components with a Brass base are covered in a long-lasting layer of Palladium before being coated in 18K Gold PVD. This method was curated by NUJUAL to help prevent common allergies and skin reactions and is exactly what sets our JUALS apart from your typical Gold Plated jewelry. While any coating is subject to wear over time, PVD coated jewelry can remain intact for more than 5 years with proper care. Emphasis on the "proper care"!

Regardless of the base metal, we've got the same golden rule: remove your JUALS before bedtime, workouts, showers, swims, and sports. Factors such as sweat, liquids, chemicals, excessive pulling, extreme temperatures, and rough surfaces can impact the lifespan of your jewelry, even with strong coatings like PVD.

To prioritize the longevity of your cherished pieces, store them in the provided NUJUAL pouch. Lined with luxuriously soft microfibre, this pouch ensures a safe and aesthetic home for your jewelry.

While all our pieces are sweat-resistant, hypoallergenic, anti-tarnish and built for everyday wear, treating them like the royalty they are is of the utmost importance! That's how you turn jewelry into cherished pieces that last.