Gold Plated Stainless Steel is a thin layer of real gold over steel. The plating will fade over time but will last a lot longer than our Gold Plated Brass pieces. Up to 5 years if our care instructions are followed.

Stainless Steel is a hypoallergenic metal. After the plating has worn away, your skin will continue to stay safe from allergies and reactions.

We suggest removing your jewelry before going to bed, exercising, bathing, swimming or playing sports. Excessive use and rough surfaces will wear down the plating quicker.

The NUJUAL pouch provided, lined with soft microfibre, is the perfect home for your new jewelry.

*Clean with mild soap & water. Rinse. Dry well.

- Water-resistant
- Anti-tarnish
- Hypoallergenic
- Durable (less likely to break)